Longfellow Real Estate Partners - Durham, NC
2,150 sq ft Upfit

Phillips Architecture at Northchase - Raleigh, NC
8,000 sq ft Upfit

Longfellow | Keystone Amenities Center
- Morrisville, NC
8,796 sq ft Renovation | Office and Amenities Center at Keystone Technology Park

GESS International at North Hills - Raleigh, NC
3,267 sq ft Upfit

MED-EL at Meridian Corporate Center - Durham, NC
52,390 sq ft Upfit | spans three floors of the newly constructed multi-tenant building

Sageworks at Wade Park - Raleigh, NC
33,346 sq ft Upfit | Two-floor tenant in newly constructed multi-tenant building

IPREO at One City Plaza - Raleigh, NC
21,500 sq ft Upfit

IPREO Expansion at One City Plaza -
Raleigh, NC
23,000 sq ft Upfit of 10th Floor with addition of internal stair.
Rebranding of existing space, including renovation of restrooms, elevator lobbies and stairways.

Manning Fulton at Glenwood Plaza - Raleigh, NC
5th Floor Renovation | 27,000 sq ft
Project was completed in 3 phases to accommodate continued business operations.

Roivant Sciences at American Tobacco Campus - Durham, NC
4,566 sq ft | 2-Story upfit in historic warehouse building

911 N. West Street - Raleigh, NC
Tenant Upfits completed in revitalized warehouse building downtown Raleigh

Clean Design at Northchase - Raleigh, NC
8,000 sq ft Upfit

Scott Insurance at The Atrium -
Raleigh, NC
7,500 sq ft Upfit

DEWBERRY - Raleigh, NC
29,359 sq ft | Initial Upfit 2015; Suite Expansion 2018

Relias Learning at Crossroads III - Cary, NC
47,200 sq ft Upfit | Projects include initial upfit and three expansions over the last four years.

YMCA of the Triangle Corporate Headquarters - Raleigh, NC
26,800 sq ft Renovation/Expansion at Raleigh Corporate Center
Project was completed in three phases to accommodate continued business operations.

Micromass Communications at Regency Forest - Cary, NC
20,000 sq ft Upfit